Arhive: #2 2013

Efficiency of managanese ore application in Ural metallurgical industry

In the article, it is proved that expansion of an assortment and increase of steel properties is one of the most important issues of the metallurgy. Its problem-solving can be carried out with the use of alloying additions, first of all Ч manganese. The most significant global manufacturers of manganese-ore raw materials are considered the analysis of the choosing raw materials and suppliers for the domestic ferroalloy industry is conducted. Calculation data of preparation and delivery of manganese ore for metallurgical industry of Ural is presented. The comparative analysis of use options of raw materials for production of the final product Ч ferromanganese is carried out. Besides technological assessment of the project, the economic justification of its realization is given. Expediency of development of the Russian mining and metallurgical complexes in cooperation with the import countries of high-quality manganese raw materials is proved.