Arhive: #2 2013

Author Pykhov P. A.,
Diagnostics of natural resource capital of the territory

The purpose of the article is to develop the methodical apparatus of national wealth's assessment specifically the assessment of natural resources. In national wealth, there is a part that can be defined as a natural resource capital. In the paper methodical approach to its assessment for the territory if regional level is allocated. The general scheme of technique is introduced; examples of indicative indicators are given. At the heart of the offered technique, the principle of the indicative analysis is laid seven degrees of security with the natural resource capital are allocated for more exact classification. In the article, the basic elements of natural resource capital forming territories' condition are allocated dynamics of their change during 2000-2012 is given. The analytical part of the paper is based on the author's estimated data. The situation description of federal districts and some Russian Federation territorial subjects in the framework of natural resource capital security are provided; numerical values of the main indicative indicators are presented.