Arhive: #2 2013

Sustainable development indicators of the Ural region

The paper shows the need for the development and widespread use of sustainable development indicators for the regions. Two approaches to the construction of such indicators are distinguished: 1) the construction of the integral indicator, typically an aggregation of economic, social and environmental performance, and 2) the construction of a system of indicators reflecting some sustainable development aspects. Based on the experience of the world and Russian, the authors suggest perspective indicators of sustainable development for the Ural region. As integral indicators, there are the index considers adjusted net savings and the human development index. A possible approach to the construction of a system of indicators for the regions is proposed by the adaptation of the UN Millennium Development Goals. The article concludes that the adequate accounting of indicators, which are currently undervalued or not taken into account (the state and the cost of human potential, damage to health, degradation and depletion of natural capital, etc.), can lead to a revision of the medium- and long-term goals for regional development, adjustment of economic relations with the federal government.