Arhive: #3 2012

Socio-ecological conditions of industrial development of the Yamal peninsula

This paper deals with current socio-ecological situation in the field of traditional nature management in Yamal region of Yamal-Nenets autonomous district that takes place against a background of industrial development of hydrocarbon deposits. The emergence of critical situations in the main branches of traditional nature management reindeer herding and fishery is demonstrated. In reindeer herding the situation is critical mainly due to internal factors as a result of actions of the Nenets themselves, with their unbridled desire to breed reindeer. Industrial development only exacerbates the problem but is not its main cause.In the fishery, the crisis is caused by external factors commercial demand when low-control illegal fishing has led to an increase of loads on fish supplies. Strict dependence of indigenous people from biological resources poses a real threat to their existence as an ethnic group.