Arhive: #3 2012

Population policy of Russia: regional dimension

This paper reviews the demographic policy of birth control developed countries and Russia in order to find ways of increasing its efficiency. With the help of scientific methods carried out a synthesis of existing experience, stimulate the birth rate, revealed the shortcomings of the demographic policy. As a result of formulating proposals to optimize the activity of the authorities to achieve the objectives identified in the Concept of Demographic Policy of Russia up to 2025 results can be used in the formation of regional and / or federal program and target documents of one of the tasks increase in birth rate. It is shown that the effectiveness of population policy in Russia is limited to a number of conditions. This lack of organizational structure, implementing and coordinating actions of the authorities to implement policies, lack of applied economic mechanisms, especially their inability to lead to significant changes in standard of living of families with children, implementation of measures that can be seen as to limit the birth rate (the spread public support contraception, abortion is free); brevity across demographics.