Arhive: #1 2011

Quality of services in tourist business as a strategic basis of tourism development



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Trends in the Russian tourism market are observed in this paper: the growth of domestic tourists flow compared to the growth of foreign flow; the number of private firms in this sector, reduction of state support and others emphasized the role of marketing research in the field of tourism, which helps to define the subjective preferences of consumers and increase product quality. The concept of "quality" is characterized in the tourism industry in three ways. A strategy of quality management products and services is proposed: it consists of three units and has three options for implementation - assuming, systematic, integrated and local approach, respectively. Three ways to assess the quality of tourist services are offered. It is concluded that the basic category of the quality system is standardization. On the example of tourism it is shown that the objects of standardization in the quality of the production process are the manufacturing process, the product itself, the enterprise manufacturing this product and, finally, the staff.