Arhive: #1 2011

Development of enterprise networks in public utility sphere in regions



Abstract References

Basic problems in housing services and public utilities in the region are described: - economical - unavailability of loans; social - provocation of nervousness in the society; legal and political - rigid reliance on government; and technological - depreciation of existing networks. A number of measures to address these issues and create favorable conditions for the formation of business networks is suggested: creation of public-private management companies, reforming the legal framework and transition to the contractual relationship. A set of activities aimed at the development of business networks in this area was defined: creation a competitive business environment at the level of service providers and service-level houses in order to eliminate monopolies, attraction of large business networks, creation of business networks which will conduct service works to households, introduction of commercial initiatives and involvement of private operators. Thus, the concept of housing services and public utilities as a sector of the economy was formulated.