Arhive: #1 2011

Social role of transport complex in the economy of the region



Abstract References

The sectoral and socio-economic approaches to the formation and development of the transport sector are reviewed. The preference is given to the second one - within which the development of transport is seen as an important component of sustainable development of regions and countries as a whole. Socio-economic approach allows to identify the social settings of the transport sector and the factors that determine the effect of transport on the socio-economic development of the region - the socio-labour and economic. These factors are characterized by specific indicators such as average salary of employees of transportation (e.g. railways) to the regional level, proportion of workers in the transport industry, total employment in the region, the volume of passenger departure transport (railways) fraction in the region to the total volume inside Russia, and others to assess the impact of the transport sector on the situation in the Siberian Federal District, the state of the complex economic and social entities of the county on the proposed indicators is analyzed. It is concluded, that the transport as a part of the economic system indirectly raises the level of industrial and commercial activity in all spheres of activity, but as an element of the social system it plays an important role in the functioning of life-supporting industries.