Arhive: #1 2011

Dividing Russia into 20 agglomerations: reality or utopia?



Abstract References

The analysis of the draft concept of Russia's territorial reorganization through its division by 20 agglomerations, as proposed by the Russian Government and Presidential Administration, is made. The rationale for the project is provided. It consists of the conclusion that in fact existing limits on the number of employees of schools, clinics and other governmental agencies reduce the quality of life in small municipalities. In addition, some of the towns - mono-towns with a single-industry enterprise, and complicates their self-development. Along with this, the problems in the implementation of the proposed concepts - such as those associated with lack of transport infrastructure in the northern and eastern parts of the country - are described. It is concluded, that the creation of agglomerations in Russia is on the front burner, but not for all areas and not in the form of government and administrative divisions change, as well as a program of urban centers and immediately adjacent areas.