Arhive: #1 2011

Improving of the pension provision in Uzbekistan during the modernization of national economy



Abstract References

The questions of theoretical understanding of "pension system" category are reviewed in this paper, its functions and characteristics are defined. The features of pension schemes of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the prospects for its development in the context of improving the market economy are described. In particular, shortcomings of centralized state pension insurance system, inherited from Soviet Uzbekistan, such as the removal of policyholders to participate in the management of funds, the gap formation mechanism of pensions and employee work outcomes etc. are highlighted. Three categories of pension recipients are named and studied. The authors compare two approaches to the distribution of pensions, according to their abilities and needs. In conclusion, the authors analyze the three-level pension system used in developed countries. It is confirmed that in Uzbekistan the principle of level of pension contributions and payments of pensions of employee attachment is widely applied.