Arhive: #1 2011

Advantages of the south of Russia by activization of participation at national and world economic processes



Abstract References

The southern of the Russian Federation is characterized not only by well-developed agriculture and recreation & fitness complex, but also by participation in major national projects in the field of agricultural machinery, electric locomotive building, power engineering and agro-industry, serving the entire country's economy. The basic advantages of this macroregion were systematized into the following groups: geographical (geopolitical), climatic, natural resource, demographic and multicultural. Among the individual benefits, within these groups we can note the presence of sea and land gates of Russia connected to the Middle East and Asia, relatively low energy production costs and favorable conditions for agricultural development, the presence of large reserves of oil and gas, water resources potential, agricultural and industrial resources, positive natural population growth, cultural affinity with the peoples of both Europe, Middle East and Asia. Wise usage of these advantages will enable the South of Russia to enter the path of sustainable growth and development, and fully integrate into the united socio-economic area of the country and the world economic processes.