Arhive: #1 2011

Socio-economic approach to the study of foreign economic relations of the region



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Main principals of the socio-economic approach to the study of foreign economic relations in the region are formulated in this paper. This approach theoretically raises the level and quality of life dependent on the functioning of the economy of the region, an important place in which takes the international communication. Performance of foreign trade of Sverdlovsk region, structure and dynamics of exports and imports in the region, volume of foreign investment, migration rates of the population are analyzed, countries and regions, which act as strategic partners, are identified. Particular attention is paid to foreign economic relations between Sverdlovsk region and China, which are based on strategic priorities in the development of international relations in this direction. Also, objectives and directions of regional foreign trade policies that increase competitiveness of the region, harmonious integration into the world economy and creation of conditions favorable for its socio-economic development, are formulated.