Arhive: #1 2011

Formation factors of the employment potential of municipality



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Socio-demographic factors of the labor potential of the municipality in terms of reproductive approach are considered. The author gives definition of labour potential of the municipality as an open system of reproduction abilities of various socio-demographic groups to create economic benefits established in the territory of the municipality and independent of external and internal socio-economic factors that determine the functioning of the municipality. Fertility, mortality, education, unemployment, employment, level of injury and migration are reviewed as the factors of labour potential formation of the municipality. In addition, this paper examines the approaches which to some extent contribute to the understanding of processes affecting the development of labour potential, namely, functional and reproductive approaches. Some results of research on the socio-demographic conditions of formation of the labour potential of Miass and Zlatoust districts of Chelyabinsk region are also presented, based on which we can conclude that mutual adjustment of demographic and social spheres is the only way to harmonize the interests of all stakeholders in the way of progressive development of these municipalities and strengthening their competitive positions in the region.