Arhive: #1 2011

Problems and prospects of socially-demographic development of Russian region (on the example of Sverdlovsk region)



Abstract References

A comprehensive diagnosis of socio-demographic security of the region, which is based on an indicative method of analysis, is presented. In particular, status and dynamics of changes in the socio-demographic security of Sverdlovsk region in the period 2000-2009 is shown, the most problematic areas of life are identified. Priorities and targets in enhancing socio-demographic security of Sverdlovsk region up to 2020 are identified. Among the priority directions, for example, reduction in mortality from external causes of mortality decline in working age, and others worked out forecasts of indicators of population reproduction and probabilistic forecasts population of Sverdlovsk region in 2020 under three scenarios (inertial, and supports efficient) can be identified. Finally, an estimate of projected levels of socio-demographic security of Sverdlovsk region as on 2020 is divided and sorted into blocks.