Journal 2021#3

Regional Industrial Development: Review of Approaches to Regulation and Determining of Priorities



Abstract References

In the context of increasing economic and political risks, industry is a reliable guarantor of sovereignty of any country that ensures a decent standard of living for its population. The paper examines current global trends of industrial transformation and its regional aspects. The study aims to systematise scientific approaches to determining regional priorities, mechanisms of industrial development and criteria for optimal spatial location, as the evolution of the industrial system leads to their changes. A method of systematic literature review (SLR) was applied based on the analysis of publications relevant to the research purpose and objectives. Modern scientific literature has developed a whole range of concepts to characterise the existing industrial processes: the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, digital transformation of industry and new industrialisation. The analysis of publications has shown that these concepts are often mixed, thus, this research presented their definitions, areas of intersection and differences. Additionally, the study discusses approaches to regional industrial development and spatial location of industries, which were formulated in the scientific literature in the period 2011–2021. Three concepts revealing regional aspects of modern industrial development — regional industrial path development, «smart» specialisation and regional industrial identity — were critically analysed. The review of foreign and Russian publications can be used to substantiate niche segments of regional industrial research. The paper identified the following study areas: development of methods for choosing a new industrial path; justification of regional priorities according to “smart” specialisation; creation of effective mechanisms for implementing regional industrial and innovation policies; analysis of correlations between cluster configurations and regional innovation activity.