Journal 2020#2

Assessing the Impact of the Digitalization Processes on Technological Export in the Russian Regions



Abstract References

Due to rapid technological changes, there is a need to consider the digitalization of the economy as a global competition tool, especially in regards to non-resource export. The study examines the relationship between the total regional export of technological products and digitalization of the Russian economy. We hypothesise that the developing digitalization of business effectively increases the regional export of technological products. As the methodological basis, we focus on various theoretical approaches of foreign and Russian authors to assessing the digitalization impact on the development of national and regional economies. For assessing that impact, we created a model that evaluates the correlation between the export of technological products and probable impact factors, including an integrated digitalization index. The authorís typology of the Russian regions allowed identifying the differences in their digitalization processes. The research method is the regression analysis that includes the ordinary least squares method. We tested the research model on the data of Federal State Statistic Service and Federal Customs Service for 2018. As a result, we determined four types of regions and confirmed that digitalization is a driver of their economic development: the level of digitalization influences the global competitiveness of the regions, including high-tech exports. The model can be considered as a tool for analysing and predicting the development of technological export for 4 types of regions. For each type, we described possible development strategies, aimed at overcoming the limitations in technological export, taking into account the digitalization of business. Authorities and companies competing for new strategic markets can apply the research findings for developing and implementing the mechanisms and tools of digitalization in order to ensure the leadership of the regions in terms of technological export.