Arhive: #1 2020

Regional Aspects of Price-Dependent Management of Expenditures on Electric Power



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One of the promising areas of increasing energy efficiency used in international practice is the demand-side management (DSM). It is implemented through price-dependent management of the schedule of consumers’ demand for electric energy. Considering significant share of expenditures on electric power in the structure of the large consumers’ energy consumption, we analysed the potential for introducing price-dependent management of expenditures on electric power as a tool for managing demand for electricity in the Russian regions. The study’s information base were price characteristics of the supply of electric power, the actual hourly demand for electricity consumption, and the number of hours of the combined daily maximum of the Russian regions’ electric power system for the period from 2016 to 2018. We applied the following methods: analysis and synthesis, mathematical and statistical analysis, method of constructing positioning maps. We developed a map for assessing the predictability of the hour of the daily maximum of a regional electric power system, the level of which determines the possibility of using price-dependent management in general. The map demonstrates the ratio of the developed indicators “Integral indicator of the cyclical nature of the regional energy system” and “Integral indicator of the energy system’s maximum in Russia”. Additionally, we used the unifying characteristics “Integrated indicator of the predictability of the hour of a regional energy system’s combined maximum” and “the coefficient of the price of electric power”. That allowed us to group the Russian regions in accordance with the degree of appropriateness of using price-dependent mechanisms for managing energy expenditures by the component “cost of electric power”. The study’s main result is the development of new tools for assessing the potential of using price-dependent management of expenditures on electric power, such as a “predictability map” and a regional grouping. We elaborated a set of methods for assessing the degree of potential efficiency in the use of price-dependent management of expenditures on electric power by electricity consumers in the Russian regions. The proposed approach can be used for developing federal and regional programs for the integrated demand-side management for electricity consumption.