Arhive: #1 2020

Market of Organic Products in Regions: Distribution Channels and Development Strategy



Abstract References

The development of distribution channels in the Republic of Crimea can enhance forming a regional market for organic products. In this regard, we proposed and tested a methodology for studying consumer loyalty to distribution channels. The research methodology includes various research procedures: marketing analysis with the use of a set of economic-mathematical and statistical analysis methods implemented in the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS); mapping with the use of geographical information system (GIS) technology to identify the regions’ geo-information profiles; strategic analysis of the perspective directions for developing the distribution channels depending on different marketing strategies. Quantitative calculation of loyalty indices allowed determining three groups of the distribution channels depending on their consumer appeal. Additionally, we noted the advantages and disadvantages of distribution channels. Marketing research of the target consumer of organic products has shown that the prevailing factors of the “environmental” choice are pricing policy, quality, sell-by dates, breadth of assortment, level of service, availability and comfort when purchasing products. Assessment of the density of distribution channels’ points of presence in the regions has revealed promising areas for the development of channels adapted to the regions’ specializations. The manufacturers of organic products and state authorities can use the elaborated system of assessing distribution channels and recommendations for selling organic products depending on the levels of their demand in the Republic of Crimea can be applied by organic products producers and State authorities, taking into account the real market size.