Arhive: #3 2012

Dynamic optimization of complex program controlling the structure of an enterprise's product range

This paper reviews a methodical approach to solving multi-step dynamic problem of optimal integrated program management of a product portfolio structure of the enterprise. Any multiproduct manufacturing process depends on many factors, that is why the quality criteria in the economic and mathematical model of the dynamics of the product portfolio structure management of a company is a vector one, and therefore, optimization of the integrated product portfolio structure management of a company is multi-criteria optimization problem. With the help of the method of generalized criterion (method of vector criterion scalarization), a formed multicriteria problem is replaced by a one-criterion optimization problem of complex management program of product portfolio structure with a functional of quality, which is a convolution of a set (vector) of the objective functions. The transformed problem is formulated and solved as a problem of optimal terminal program control in a class of linear discrete dynamical systems. The method proposed in this paper allows developing management solutions designed to create the optimal structure of an enterprise's product lines, contributing to optimization of profits as well as maintenance of the desired level of profit for a long period of time.