Arhive: #3 2012

The analysis of the regional economic system of the type special economic zone using the method of structural changes

This paper is devoted to the analysis of Kaliningrad regions economy during the regime of special economic zone. For the analysis, we used the methods of structural changes. The study was conducted in major sectors: industry, agriculture, construction, transport and trade. Particular attention is paid to structural changes in the industry and its sectors. The period of analysis is 20 years from 1990 till 2010. As parameters of research we used gross regional product, assets and investments. As a result of research obtained information about the negative structural changes to the product in the industry, and agriculture, the positive dynamics in the sector of the trade and transport. The influence of foreign trade on the regions economy was studied. The correlation between gross regional product and imports is shown. The authors estimated the influence of the addition of Russia to the WTO to the economy of the Kaliningrad region and give recommendations to overcome the structural contradictions.