Arhive: #3 2012

Lessons of p. A. Stolypin's reform in A. V. Chayanov's works

A new way of farming Ч the peasant (farmer) economy was formed in the agricultural sector in Russia during the reforms of its economy. Prospects for the development of this category of households still do not have an unambiguous assessment. This is explained by differences in economic and often political interests of many participants of the discussions. Stolypin's agrarian reforms are received with little or not at all taking into account the existing historical experience of Russia. Underestimated in this regard and forecasts made by the great Russian scientist of agriculture, A. V. Chayanov. At the same time, the ideas and postulates of Stolypin and Chayanov have received important confirmation in virtually all modern agro-developed countries, not only providing the population with food from their own agricultural production, but also supplying agricultural products in large quantities for export. Organizational structure of agriculture in these countries has common features, mainly related to everything desired by P. A. Stolypin and scientifically predicted by A. V. Chayanov. The modern peasant-farms, armed with high technology, preserved and affirmed as the main elements everywhere in the agroindustrial structures.