Arhive: #3 2012

The government and the problems of development of non-governmental enterprises of the military-industrial complex and civil engineering of Russia

The non-governmental industrial sector of Russia is growing from year to year as a result of privatization program consistently held by the government. In the beginning of the 90-s, the heads of state have decided not to hold the state industrial policy any more reasoning from the idea of market self-regulation. The enterprises of the military-industrial complex of Russia, as a result, were in a grave condition because there were no state orders anymore. The enterprises were offered to produce civil engineering production because it was considered that there were no more enemies to fight against. As time goes by, some enterprises became bankrupt. But the majority has survived under the direction of smart owners despite but not due to the conditions of survival of that time. The life has shown that the state industrial policy is indispensable, especially when Russia is near to enter into the WTO. There are no more obstacles on the path to this, but nobody knows exactly which enterprises will become bankrupt, what will be with those people who will lose their work and which enterprises will continue working and how. It is not clear neither at federal level nor at regional or municipal. In this paper, the modern operating conditions and opportunities to modernize the non-governmental industrial sector are analyzed. Performatives on education reform regarding the young engineers and economists aimed to reduce the period of their adaptation at work have been formulated.