Arhive: #3 2012

Model of development of vertically and horizontally integrated structures in metallurgical engineering

This paper analyzes features of formation and development of vertically and horizontally integrated structures in Russian metallurgical engineering industry; trends in their development, the place and the role they play in the domestic and global economy are shown; real opportunities for modernization and innovation development are identified, dynamics of the major macro-and microeconomic performance of industry in the world, in Russia, in the areas of the Ural region and the largest holding companies producers of steel, cast iron, rolled steel, copper, titanium, aluminum, zinc and bauxite is shown. A measure of the impact of the global economic crisis on metallurgical engineering industry of Russia in general and steel industry in particular is revealed. It is shown that the crisis has substantially reduced the production and export performance of enterprises engaged in manufacturing of basic metals and fabricated metal products; the processes of concentration and centralization of production and capital through the acquisition and absorption is investigated; the sources of fundings necessary for the development of the industry are analyzed; the mechanism, consequences and possible ways of adaptation of metallurgical enterprises and industries related to Russias WTO accession are reviewed.