Arhive: #3 2012

Regulators of employees behaviour in Russia

This paper analyzes the labor law regulations. In terms of quality they have occurred to be at a low level, and therefore cannot provide the normal process of labor relations, labor rights and guarantees of workers. The paper also gives a critical analysis of a labor contract construction, which contains a lot of fiction, so its content becomes undefined and vague. For the same reason, the execution of such contract becomes difficult also for the workers. And then the chief regulator of the employees behaviour becomes the order of the employer. Poor quality of law norms and the presence of fiction in the agreement lead to different traumatic effects in the behavior of workers: the risk of loss of labor efficiency, the risk of being left without protection of labor rights. State guarantees of workers' rights in practice means are weak, as they are not strengthened with enough legal provisions at the law level and the legal responsibility of employers for various violations.