Journal 2019#4

Influence of the Big Business on Restructuring the World and Russian Econom

The article examines the development trends and influence of the big business on the world and Russian economies. The paper describes the dynamics of the main indicators of big business development via indicators of the total revenue, capitalization, foreign economic activity. In this research, I determine the contribution of the various components to the formation of gross domestic product (GDP) in different world regions, particularly in the USA, China and Russia. The dynamics of the indicators reflecting big businessí development, and positive and negative sides of the businessí monopolization is analysed. Special attention is paid to explore the emerging centres of scientific, technological, and economic power (primarily in South-East Asia). Furthermore, the paper analyses the newly formed mechanisms and toolset for stimulating the big businessí development such as tax and amortization benefits and privileges that lead to reducing the businessí tax burden. The research shows the internal and external factors, including political ones, which either stimulate or hinder the development of big business in various world regions. The analysis of the business activity of the 500 largest world and American corporations and 400 largest Russian companies illustrates the dynamics of the big businessí development in the leading regions of the world including the USA, China and Russia through. This analysis has revealed how much big business affects the development of the world economic relations. The obtained results can be used for developing the scenarios of the advancement of the Russian economy. Additionally, they can be applied for assessing the potential and real opportunities for the big business to increase the main development indicators and discover the possibilities for stimulating the countryís economic growth.