Journal 2019#4

Comparative Analysis of Foreign Economic Development of Pharmaceutical Sector in Russia and the USA

The article reveals the trends in foreign economic development of Russian and American pharmaceutical industry. The study aims to substantiate the trends of prevailing import dependence of Russian pharmaceutical sector and export orientation of American one. Moreover, we define the main directions of export in Russian pharmaceutical industry based on the development trends of world industry leaders. We focus on identifying what is the nature and how close is the relationship between the factors of business innovation and complexity, on the one hand, and increasing the sectors export orientation, on the other hand. The research methodology is based on the domestic and foreign literature on foreign economic activity in pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, the methods include the pharmaceutical industry assessment by international institutions (particularly, the World Economic Forum). We used the data from United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) statistics, American and Russian international ratings, and the results of analytical studies of innovation processes in bio-pharm-medical sector. We hypothesise that there is a correlation between the factors of business innovations and maturity, and the volume of pharmaceutical industry export. The correlation analysis has revealed the relation between innovation development and export growth, suggesting the exports integration into the national strategy of pharmaceutical industry. The comparative analysis of the Russian and American pharmaceutical industries has demonstrated that the increase in the export-oriented products in Russian pharmaceutical industry will be determined by the degree of the integration of information technologies into all stages of research and pharmaceutical business. The developers and ideologists of national export strategy in pharmaceutical industry might implement the studys conclusions and recommendations on federal and regional levels. Further scientific research should focus on substantiating ways to increase the pharmaceutical industrys competitiveness, corresponding to the fundamental information, technological and personnel challenges of this industry development.