Journal 2019#1

Author E. V. Malysh,
Problem of Rent Relations in Regional Economy

The article is devoted to the extension of boundaries of scientific ideas about the economic nature of rent relations in mesoeconomics. The article develops theoretical ideas on both the impact of globalization on the rent economy and the localization of rent relations. In this regard, I research the relations between the concepts of raw economy and rent economy. Moreover, I consider a number of methods of the influence of rent relations on the economic development. The type of the rents in the economy corresponds to the directions of the globalization of these rents and is interconnected with the specific types of rent relations. The article reveals functional patterns as well as the tendencies of modern rent relations in local economic space. Integrating the specified tendencies, I have determined the tasks of rent economy at the regional level. The localization of rent relations in the globalizing regional economy will reveal the best ways for the regional development. The increasing value of the rent in regional economy has allowed the author to define the factors, which are common for both the globalizing rents and localizing rents. As a result of the research, I determine the directions of the transformation of the rent relations at the level of the regional economy. Firstly, the specific concentration of rents, which arose and localize in the territory of a region, transforms in a territorial rent. Secondly, the forms of rent relations are modified in their geographical localization in the economic space of a region. The third group of tendencies is connected to the comprehensive nature of changes in the development of rents in the territory of a region. And the last direction consists in the objective limitations of the development of the rent relations in the regional economy.

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