Arhive: #4 2017

Optimizing the Use of Resources of Technogenic Deposits Taking into Account Uncertainties

The article discusses the problem of resource deterioration and the exhaustion of natural resources as well as the involvement in economic circulation of waste production, resources of technogenic deposits in order to maintain natural capital and support green economic growth. This necessitates the development of the mechanism for the environmental management optimization. This mechanism aims at using technogenic deposits in the economy to decrease of both the nature intensity of production and the cost of production. Furthermore, the environmental management optimization should reduce the negative impact of production on the environment. The authors propose to construct a model of economic relevance for the use of waste based on the theory of sustainable development and the theory of substitution of primary natural resources. Under substitutes, we consider useful products, resources from technogenic deposits, resulting from past economic activities. The article considers the problem of accumulation of municipal solid waste and industrial wastes in the regions of Russia in terms of forming and operating the ever-growing technogenic deposits. The authors propose a set of models for the optimum exploitation of technogenic deposits taking into account various factors of the external and internal environment as well as the time factor. The proposed models allow to substantiate and choose the best technologies for the processing of accumulated waste in terms of the reduction of pollution and green revenues from the exploitation of technogenic deposits. To account the probabilistic assessments of the geological structure of the technogenic deposits, we propose to use a combination of Monte-Carlo method and of developed optimization models. The authors describe the calculation results and the prospects for the development of a comprehensive model using regional technogenic deposits. The results of the research allow forming an optimal set of projects for waste processing and rehabilitation of disturbed territories at the regional level. The proposed economic and mathematical tools will be useful for updating the federal target program Elimination of accumulated environmental damage for 20152026.

To make this paper published in Russian in Economy of Region more comprehensible for English speaking readers the editorial team proposes its full text translation in English.