Arhive: #4 2013

Optimization of the assets of the living labor of agricultural organizations

The program on the modernization of the national economy is impossible without an active innovative policy. The subject matter of the research in the article is the economy of agricultural organizations. Methodological aspect of research is the optimizing methods as the leading idea of the effective innovation policy. The continuous economic increase in the agricultural production is required for the development of investment and innovation-based component of the Russian Federation economy and competition in the conditions of WTO accession. Scientific and technical potential is a basis of investment and innovation-based economy and strategically renewable Russian Federation resource. New equipment and new technologies have the future. The intensification of all processes connected to innovation policy assumes development and implementation of the state investment and innovation policy both on federal and regional levels, applications of modern methods of a program goals management, development of strategy of innovative development of territories are necessary. The developed technique can successfully be applied in the agricultural organizations of the country, and after the corresponding completion Ч at any enterprise. The developed scientific and methodological knowledge allows to estimate objectively the level of technical capacity of an enterprise and, respectively, its maturity for investments without risk of non-return of means.