Arhive: #4 2013

Modern drivers for development of the Russian education in the conditions of the multidirectional challenges

The projection of modernization of the institutional basis of the Russian education system against system transformational processes of the new history of Russia is investigated on the basis of a comprehensive approach. The trends of the state educational policy and public preferences of the last two decades are proved in the context of legal relations. The basic factors of the education system development are defined during the comparative analysis of legislative base. The dominating role of financial and economic regulators in a hierarchy of drivers of the education system modernization in the conditions of multidirectional challenges and their efficiency is shown. Essential changes in the structure of legal relations of the education systems introduced by the new Federal law No. 273-FZ from 29.12.2012 «On Education in the Russian Federation» are revealed. The new financial and legal regulations embodied in the law, become the operating basis of institutes for development The process of the transformation of the system education is a made by means of institutional model. The presented institutional matrix and structural and logic model of the multiplicative effect of the influence of institutes for development.