Arhive: #3 2011

Problems of salaries management in oil and gas companies

Basing on the results of the author's analysis and generalization of practical experience in the organization of remuneration on the oil and gas companies of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District Yugra, the current state and remuneration policy were defined. The designed SWOT matrix reveals the possibilities of further improvement of the remuneration organization. Innovative development of remuneration systems involves a complex process of selecting management tools to achieve performance targets and implementing business strategies. A study of the most upfront human resources and staff practices in the Russian oil and gas sector has allowed the author to formulate approaches to building effective systems of remuneration. The suggestions described in this paper coordinate the interests of employers and employees. At the same time, they increase efficiency and job satisfaction through raising personal responsibility, which will gain the effectiveness of incentives for oil and gas companies.

Keywords: organization of the management process, aggregate productivity, social partnership, oil and gas complex, industry agreement, wages, labour market, vertically integrated companies



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Information about the author

Kolosova Olga Gennad'evna (Surgut) - Ph. D. in Economics, associate professor, professor at the Chair of Economics and Management, State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Surgut State University of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District - Yugra (628412, Surgut, Lenin St. 1, e-mail: