Arhive: #3 2011

On the essence of the brand of territory

This paper shows the relevance and necessity of the conscious processes of image, reputation and territory brand formation (countries, regions and municipalities). In the context of globalization and intensification of competition, interterritorial image, reputation and brand are becoming important areas of intangible assets that create competitive advantages and competitive immunity of the reinforcing areas. The concept of "brand of territory" is studied. Different perspectives on this issue are critically analyzed. The author's definition of brand of territory is formulated; its essential characteristics are shown. It is shown that the formation of the brand is based solely on a positive image of the territory, combined with elements of its reputation. The interpenetration of image and reputation in the process of brand territory, and the dialectic of image, brand and reputation of the territory are graphically shown. According to various criteria, comparisons of image and brand of territory are made. Differences between image and brand of territory are revealed.

Keywords: image of territory, territory brand, reputation of territory, branding of territories



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Information about the author 

Vazhenina Irina Svyatoslavovna (Ekaterinburg) - Doctor of Economics, associate professor, leading research associate at

the Institute of Economics, the Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia, 620014, Ekaterinburg, Moskovskaya St. 29, e-mail: