Arhive: #2 2011

Innovative mission of the social system modernization as a need for sustainable development of Russia

This paper reviews socio-economic factors that cause the need for modernization of social development in the Russian Federation. Among the most significant ones, structural imbalances in the Russian economy and low efficiency of public administration system are identified. The authors have disclosed the nature and content of the modernization process. Taking into account the opinions of famous Russian scientists and economists, its implementation principles have been systematically identified and highlighted: 1) systematic and consistent solutions to problems of economic development; 2) targeted direction of the consolidation of Russian society; 3) socially and environmentally oriented development strategy; 4) scientific support of modernization; 5) improvement of regulatory and supervisory role of the state at all stages of modernization process. The paper specifies the shape and structural elements of modernization in Russia, including large-scale renovation of production through the formation of advanced sixth and seventh elements of technological structures, training of advanced specialists capable of servicing high-tech equipment; establishment of institutions of innovative development, formation of financial and credit sources for modernization. In conclusion, the authors justified theoretical and methodological approaches to evaluating the final result of modernization, the human development index is suggested to be used as the indicator.